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Rob Rings in the New

Rob will be ringing in 2018 by fulfilling his dream of woodworking full time. That's right, he has turned over the reins of his printing business to his partners. He will now devote his days to creating boxes, boards, and anything else that strikes his fancy. And then hitting the road to meet you all at craft shows again.

Right now, he is fulfilling commissions from our craft shows last fall. Like an encore version of this knife block, which lets you slide your knives in and out of bizillions of bamboo skewers (de-skewered, of course).

And we're also ringing in the new with a line of ring boxes, lined with hand-dyed silk.  Perfect for popping the question or for presenting a fine set of earrings. 


The knife block and the ring boxes will be coming to the website soon--in the meantime, drop us an email if you're interested in the details.

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