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Creative Ways to Save a Memory

No, not THAT kind of memory. 'Fraid I  don't have any real solutions for that.

But I do have creative ways of saving mementos from our trips together before storing them in my precious Stagecoach Box. For example,look how I dress up the notes I take while we travel.

 paper envelopes for memory keepers

I tuck them into  envelopes I fold from handmade paper and decorate them with paper ephemera and the occasional chimpanzee. I get the ephemera at flea markets or at online suppliers like Regina's Studio.

The chimp was just here.

Paper emphemera also comes in handy for more free-floating storage in the box's nooks and crannies.

paper ephemera for memory keeper

You can use fabric as well as paper. I use those failed sewing projects to store the rusty bits I find underfoot in ghost towns.

fabric sack for memory keepers

I square off the fabric block into a rectangle and sew it into a small bag (need directions?), attach a drawstring and label and voila, the failure is now a success.

Some mementos need to be seen. That's where my trusty hot-glue gun comes in.

assemblage for memory keeper

The lid of the box is just the beginning. Other people collect old glass bottles. As you can see here, I prefer them a bit more weathered.

wooden box for memory keeper

I don't always need a container for my mementos. With a little hot glue, the mementos themselves can become the container!

assemblage for memory keeper

 I understand that not everyone saves rusty nails or glass shards. (Well, I don't understand it, but I accept it). We'd love to hear how you make your memory boxes special on the inside as well as on the outside.


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