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Just in Time for the Holidays

Here in Pennsylvania, the leaves are still falling and the temperature is rising. But Rob has been up in the studio day and night for the past several months, thinking about what you will want for holiday gift-giving.  (Especially since you folks cleaned out our inventory at our last two shows!) Here's just a few of his newest creations, which will be debuting at Artisan Fair in November. There's boxes for your keepsakes... ....boxes for your tissues... ...boxes for your beer...   And of course, creations that are not boxes! Everything is one-of-a-kind and it will all be at the...

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Block off the Ole' Block

Our knife block is a show favorite. But many of you told us you just didn't have enough room on your counter.  That's why Rob came up with this gorgeous "mini-me" version. Here it is in our kitchen, with a respectable sampling of both long knives, paring knives and even my handy-dandy not-just-for-poultry shears:  Its a perfect holiday gift for apartment dwellers who are short on kitchen real estate.  Come check it out at our next show, The Lancaster Artisan Fair, November 10th-11th.

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Sneak Preview: New Boxes

Here's a sneak preview of just a few of the new boxes debuting at our fall 2018 shows.  There's a line-up of little guys (the smallest is about 1.5 inches square): and a team of their bigger brothers. The biggest boxes reflect Rob's passion for nature's oddities. How 'bout handles made from a fossilized sea creature that is between 65 and 240 million years old?Or a magical ole maple burl with the most delicate of whorls? Or a megalodon* tooth from the coastal rivers of South Carolina. * That would be a prehistoric shark about 3x the size of a...

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New Studio Open at Last

After four months of construction, we finally have our new studio! It gives us splendid natural light... ...and loads of room for organizing and storing (yes, neatness counts). We couldn't be happier. You can see all the new creations at our fall craft shows. Check out the schedule here.

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Rob Rings in the New

Rob will be ringing in 2018 by fulfilling his dream of woodworking full time. That's right, he has turned over the reins of his printing business to his partners. He will now devote his days to creating boxes, boards, and anything else that strikes his fancy. And then hitting the road to meet you all at craft shows again. Right now, he is fulfilling commissions from our craft shows last fall. Like an encore version of this knife block, which lets you slide your knives in and out of bizillions of bamboo skewers (de-skewered, of course). And we're also ringing...

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